SCHOOL Defense

The best product for School Self-Defense

For school defense we recommend using orange JPX cartridges.

With kids going back to school, many districts are spending more time and money on protecting the students from any form of violence or intrusion.

There are school districts that are actually teaching their administrators to use lethal force in the event of an emergency. When using a gun is their only alternative for defense, the risks  rise substantially for both lawsuits and possibly wrongful death. They also need to consider how the media will treat an administrator or teacher firing a gun at a student. It's all downside for the school,  no matter how you look at it. Firing a gun in a crowded school will only get more people hurt and will end badly. Ask yourself what happens if that bullet misses its  intended target and hits a student.

The alternative is the use of non-lethal force where the perpetrator isn't killed, but subdued. There are stun guns, pepper spray and other forms of less-lethal force that can stop violence in short order and should be considered first before anyone pulls out a gun.

The best alternative to a firearm is the JPX Pepper Gun. This product fires liquid OC at 405 MPH up to 23 feet with a 2 foot spread. Picture a handgun that fires like a shotgun, but only fires OC spray! The OC formula in the JPX is twice as hot as most police OC sprays and will stop just about anyone in short order without lasting effects It can also be very effective on a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unlike an ECD, the JPX offers 2 shots and is fully mechanical like a firearm, making it more reliable because there are no batteries to go dead. It is practically indestructible being constructed from a polymer that allows some abuse without effecting it's performance. Whether you have to defend a school bus or school grounds, less-lethal is the best way to go.

Why take both the financial risk and potential public scrutiny for using a gun as your only alternative for SELF-DEFENSE?

Over 100 law enforcement agencies have chosen the JPX as their new form of less-lethal self-defense. Always consider a less-lethal alternative over lethal defense especially where kids are concerned.