Protect Yourself with a JPX

Use Less-lethal Force
Reduce Your Liability by Carrying a JPX

The JPX and your right to defend yourself outside of your home. Several states have tough laws regarding the ability to carry a gun outside your home. Being caught just carrying a gun can cost you a lot of money in attorney’s fees and possibly jail time. Using a gun will almost always get you arrested or detained immediately after the incident. 

The odds that you would need to use lethal force outside your home is very slim. Most people that carry guns, have dangerous jobs or must visit places that are more dangerous by nature. 

Consider carrying a less-lethal alternative just for this reason. Most civilians should consider a less-lethal form of protection, because in most cases, you won’t be arrested for using it and it‘s much easier to justify the use to law enforcement. 

Every state has different laws regarding the purchase and use of OC spray. The JPX is not considered a firearm and legal to carry in most states. Please check with your local authorities about any restrictions your state may have.
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