World's most advanced OC delivery system - "JPX4 - Enhanced OC firepower"

All JPX are designed to accept 14x109mm Piexon CH Cartridges containing highly active PIEXOL inflammatory agent

Piexon offers the most sophisticated and advanced less-lethal OC defence systems available on today's market. JPX are reloadable, less lethal pepper shot utensils, also known by the name of "Jet Defender". By use of our own, extremely strong, natural inflammatory agent, namely Piexol, such as Piexol400kS or the shortly available Piexol500kS, they provide instant and highly effective results.

The liquid jet is concentrated and once released, will hit an assailant within the fraction of a second, not leaving time for any kind of reaction. Once in contact with Piexol, skin, eyes, respiratory organs as well as the moucous membranes are severely irritated, rendering a coordinated reaction impossible and ensuring complete temporary incapacitation of the adversary.